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Don't Let the Drought Pass You By

Posted on 05.08.2011
Posted by: Chris Garcia

Though much of the US and even a large portion of Texas have received beneficial rainfall in recent weeks, South and West Texas are still in severe drought conditions. But, in every difficulty lies an opportunity, and the current drought is offering you the chance to take advantage of the situation.

Now is the time to dig out your ponds. With little or no water in them, they are easily cleaned out, widened, and deepened. Years of siltation has likely accumulated into a thick layer of muck at the bottom that decreases the volume of water the tank is able to hold. Every foot that you are able to deepen that tank equates to more precious water it is able to hold and provide to your wildlife and livestock, and that much further into the next drought before it goes dry. Take a look around the ranch. The drought is exposing the weaknesses for you to see and correct. As your land and habitat is stressed, it will show you the areas that need your help to make it through the tough times. Anything you do now to improve it so it will sustain the wildlife and livestock through these toughest of tough times will also benefit it during the next stressful period. Deepening existing ponds and building new ones, installing more watering and feeding stations, and rollerchopping and burning brush are all ways to manage your property through this drought.

So, don't let this drought pass you by. Instead of sitting idly by and watching it happen, take advantage of the special conditions offered by the situation and improve the ranch to help it not only through this drought, but the next ones to come, as well.

Chris Garcia
[email protected]