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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Posted on 11.27.2014

Waking up early this morning with a head full of happy thoughts, I felt the overwhelming urge to reach out to all of our friends on this beautiful day. I spent the greater part of the day yesterday perched on a creaky old picnic table under a big bull Mesquite tree. Placed in the yard behind the ranch house at our family ranch, this is the place where I feel most complete, and surrounded by family and good friends, we have built a wealth of special memories here over the years. Yesterday was no different. 

Never short of things to do here, some days I just sit and absorb the buzz of activity around me. My beautiful wife Stephanie comes busting out the back door surrounded by a herd of happy dogs of every shape, color, and size, and off they go for the morning walk. Colton and his buddies are out in the barn scheming on something, I decide it is better not to ask. Corbin is cleaning out his truck, looks like maybe he is preparing to hold a garage sale. This operation yields a six pack of neglected beer cans of various brands and vintages, and straight to the ice chest they go, the Lords bounty. We have one working tirelessly on a Christmas puzzle, and another studying for his law exam. Grammie is cooking, just what we need, more food. My faithful assistant and hardcore hunting dog Lola, the Yorkie, decides to pass on the morning walk and hang with the old man. She is content, and so am I. And so it goes once again at the Long Ranch.

Never one to sit idle for long, Corbin decides to practice shooting his bow. Colton and company are headed out to pot shoot some ducks. Grammie is headed to Laredo, somehow she figures what we need is more groceries. The plan is coming together. Target practice turns into an invigorating game of spot and stalk with an unsuspecting flock of field larks out in the heifer trap. Cleanly decapitating one of the prized field larks, Corbin returns with his bow in one fist and the bird in the other. "You think those beers are cold yet Dad?". "I recon so son, we had better test a couple of them."

As the day threatens to slip away from us, we decide maybe we should get ready for the afternoon hunt. Strategically spread out across the Wild Horse Desert, we each take in the awesome outdoors, and enjoy a beautiful South Texas sunset, each from our own unique location, and perspective. 

The thought occurs to me as I am working on my last bite of fresh smoked duck breast, I am a blessed man, and prepared to give thanks.

I hope that this Thanksgiving Day finds each and every one of you in your special place, with your favorite people. We are so very fortunate to be outdoor folks, and thankful to have you as our friend.

Happy Thanksgiving !